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Did you know that more than 65% of horses are being ridden in saddles that do not fit?

If your horse has any behaviour or performance problems, check your saddle first – it’s the most likely cause.

Symptoms of an uncomfortable saddle: Tension, not performing well, not jumping, lameness, cold back,bucking, rearing, bolting, white hairs under the saddle area, dry areas in the saddle sweat, doesn't like the saddle going on or the girth being done up or being caught or rider getting on, kicking,

The kit allows you to look after your horse’s saddle health when your saddle fitter isn’t there.

Use the kit to buy and sell saddles safely from a distance.

The kit is being used by top riders, saddlers and saddler fitters

Use the kit to work with your saddle fitter to get the best fit possible

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A badly fitting saddle can hurt your horse and cause many problems including lameness.

If you want a comfortable saddle for your horse  


The Perfect Fit Saddle Fitting Kit-

and see what a difference it can make  




Our Kit measures the whole of the horse's back to make sure that the saddle is a mirror image - but there are other important factors which make the saddle pain free - the kit has all this information and more.

Use the Perfect Fit Multi-Measuring System for the best method of saddle fitting available.


 We're raising awareness of the importance of good saddle fitting







From one satisfied customer:
Kathryn Angus

Hi Clare
Well I've used the kit on three of our gg's so far and it's just fantastic.
It's very easy to use, with the instructions being very comprehensive. From having saddle fitters out to fit from scratch the process always seemed a bit complicated, but your kit has really demystified a lot of it for me.
Being able to see where the saddle doesn't fit the horse is great and being able to create a history of templates for each horse is going to be very helpful.
So congrats on a great product—would recommend this kit to anyone who has a horse.
Cheers Kathryn